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Coupon Book Lake County, FL

Welcome to Everybody’s Coupon Book©. We are your best choice for local business promotion and advertising.
Locally owned and operated by 2 Girls & Friends, Inc., we print and distribute our fully colored coupon book, filled with numerous
local businesses, to thousands of locations throughout Lake County, Sumter County and South Marion County in Florida.
Our services and advertisements cover over 1100 square miles, and in 36 zip codes.

We print up to 80,000 copies every single month – Imagine how much exposure your ads will get with all
those copies covering three counties!

Our Everyday Mission is to continue to provide the best resource and service for small business
growth in our entire area – Our Advertising Gets Results.
We provide a personalized service along with a tailored solution to meet the needs of each and every customer.

Our Competitive Pricing includes all graphic, full colored designs, ad proofs and No Hidden Costs.
We are also on local radio every week discussing our advertisers, our book, and we provide incentives like cash trivia games
and free giveaways. We are soon to implement New Services coming soon, that will also help expand local business awareness.

We Are a Locally Owned and Operated Business That Supports Local Businesses. We are a part of your Community.
We reinvest dollars here in our own local community where you are growing your business and your children go to school.
We live here, we work here, and we support one another.
We Care About Our Customers Dedicated, Professional, Courteous Sales representatives who focus on each individual
customer’s account to make sure they get the best advertising for your business.

We print up to 80,000 every month and we distribute to 1,000’s of locations throughout Lake, Sumter,and South Marion Counties,
over 1,100 sq miles, to over 36 zip code areas. To ensure there are always copies available, we restock throughout the month to enable
“Everybody” the opportunity to read the numerous offerings listed. As part of our business plan we monitor how many books
are being picked up and used.